If you have been newly ordained as a wedding officiant or are just looking to drum up some extra business, you can advertise your service to the community. With brides and grooms being a targeted demographic, you can focus your advertising efforts to reach your target audience. Doing so gives you maximum exposure to people that are looking to get married. Regardless of your budget, you will find ways to advertise your wedding officiant business.

Step 1.

Place advertisements in local newspapers and other publications to advertise your services to the community. Prices for ads vary. "Entrepreneur" magazine notes that wedding consultants have the most success advertising in the local Yellow Pages, which you also can do. If you have a large advertising budget, you also can advertise in wedding-related magazines.

Step 2.

Consult wedding planners in your local area to see if any will partner with you. Doing so means that your services will be advertised to all of the wedding planner’s clients.

Step 3.

Make a website, or hire a web designer to do it for you, that advertises your service and rates. Include a way for potential brides and grooms to contact you on the site. If you cannot make the site yourself, you can ask around for web designer referrals or visit a local college to find a student to help you.

Step 4.

Print up business cards at a local print shop that advertise your service as a wedding officiant. The cards should include your website URL and a contact method. Prices for business cards vary. If you also want brochures made, you can usually request those from the same print shop.

Step 5.

Book booth space at bridal shows and events in your area so that you can advertise your services to potential brides. If you have partnered with a wedding planner, you can split the booth rental cost to lower your advertising cost. Place your business cards out for potential clients to take. Find a directory of bridal events on sites such as One Wed, WeddingDetails.com and Bridal Show Producers (see Resources).

Step 6.

Use online marketing, such as Facebook Ads, to reach customers in your target area. Such ads allow you to create an advertising campaign that targets only people interested in getting married in the locality that you define.