Canon printing calculators have a date and time setting you can use to date stamp and time stamp your printouts when needed. The calculator's date and time are not set and ready for use out of the box. You need to manually change the date and time for proper readouts. The Canon printing calculator's keypad is used to change the date and time.


Press the button with the calendar and clock icons on it twice. The display shows the time. The button is located above the Cost button in the middle of the calculator.

Push and hold the "Clock/Date Set" button, which is the "M+" button on the right side of the calculator, until the screen changes to "AM 12-00."

Type out the time using the numbers on the calculator, using a zero in front of the time if it is less than four digits long. For example, if the time is 1:56, enter "0156" on the calculator.

Press the "AM/PM" button, which has a "#" on it and is on the right side of the calculator, to set AM or PM.

Press "Clock/Date Set" to save the time setting and the red "CE/C" button to return to the calculations screen.


Press the button with the calendar and clock icon on it. The display shows the date.

Push and hold the "Clock/Date Set" button until "01-01-2006" appears on the screen.

Enter the date using the calculator number pad. You need to use eight digits to enter the date. For example, if the date is Aug. 4, 2011, enter "08042011."

Press the "Clock/Date Set" button to save the new date setting and then "CE/C" to return to calculation mode.