All of the Royal cash registers set up the same way, and the Royal 145 is no exception. Setting up a Royal cash register for a business requires a little bit of patience, but it’s not hard. Once the cash register is set up the first time, using it is easy. Program the time, date, and tax code before you start using the machine. Load in the paper, and the store is ready for ringing up customers.

Setting Up the Cash Register

Put the cash register on a flat surface. Plug in the cash register. Open the printer compartment, and install the batteries at the bottom of the opening. Put the paper roll on top.

Tear the end of the cash register roll, so it has a neat, straight edge. Make sure the roll is in the opening so the paper rolls up from underneath. Put the end of the roll in the paper slot at the top, and hit the “Feed” key until the paper is about 1 inch above the cash register. If you don’t give receipts, feed the paper into under the 2 wire prongs over the winder. Click on “Feed” until it rolls around the winders.

Program the cash register by clicking the control switch inside the printer compartment of the cash register to “PRG” for programming.

Use the number keys for setting the date. If it’s January 1, 2011, you key in 010111, and click the “ST#NS” key.

Change the time by typing the numbers. If it is 8 a.m., type 0800, and hit the “QTY/TIME” button on the cash register.

Change the setting for the amount of decimal points. Type the “1” and “2” buttons, and press the “RA” button for the United States setting.

Change the tax rate for your area by clicking on “1,” press the “Tax Shift” button. If your sales tax rate is 9 percent, type in 9000. If it is 8.5 percent, type in 8500. Click on the “Amt/Tend/Total” button. If you sell untaxed items, click on “2,” press the “Tax Shift” button and type 000. Click the “CHECK” button, press 100 and click the “Department 2” button.

Using the Cash Register

Open the printer compartment, and turn the control switch to “R1” if you want a journal of the receipts. Turn the control switch to “R2” for printing receipts.

Ring up a sale by keying in the price first. If the item is $1.00, key in 100 and click “Department 1.” If there are two of the same items, key in the number “2,” “QTY/TIME,” the price and then hit the “Department 1” button.

Hit the “Subtotal” key if the person is paying cash. If the person is paying by charge, click on the “Charge” key. Key in the amount of money paid. If it’s $10.00, key in 1000 and hit “Amt Tend/TOTAL”

Make a print of the day’s receipts and clear the register by “Z”ing out the cash register. Change the setting on the control switch inside the printer compartment of the cash register to “Z” and hit “Amt/Tend/Total. When the printer finishes printing, the computer is finished clearing the memory of the day’s receipts.