The ER-A320 is a model of cash register manufactured by Sharp, a Japanese electronics company. The till is aimed at small businesses and features relatively basic tools for processing cash compared to systems used by larger retail companies. You may want to change the time on your Sharp ER-A320 during daylight saving time or if the power supply to the cash register is interrupted and the time reset. You should be able to reset or change the time on your Sharp ER-A320 register in just a few seconds.

Turn the cash register key to "PGM" (Program) mode.

Enter "2611" on the register's keypad and press the decimal point button.

Press the "@/FOR" button.

Enter the time using the 24-hour clock format. For example, "1341" is 1:41 p.m.

Press the "CA/AT" button to confirm. Turn the key back to "SRV" (Service) mode to continue using the register as normal.