You can remove the money from a Carousel gumball machine in just a few seconds. Carousel gumball machines can be set to dispense candy using a variety of coins or even for free. Over time, the coin tray in the base of the machine fills with deposits and must be emptied. To access the tray, the gumball machine must be opened and partially disassembled. Retrieve the coins from a gumball machine so you have the money to buy candy refills.

Remove the screw at the very top of the machine. Machines in public locations often have screws that are secured with a key. Put the screw in your pocket so it is easily found for reassembly.

Hold the red metal body of the machine with both hands. Slowly raise the body straight up off the baseplate while keeping all the other parts intact. Lift the machine until it is clear of the post and set it aside.

Lift out the white plastic tray holding the coins. Coins may fall to the floor if the body of the machine is not lifted up until the tray is overfilled. Dump the quarters and replace the C-shaped tray so it encircles the post and rests in the base plate.

Slide the Carousel gumball machine back down onto the metal post until it pokes up through the cap. Reinsert the screw and tighten it with the key or screwdriver.


The Carousel gumball machine does not need to have the candy removed to access the coins.


Replace locking-cap screws if the threads get worn. The machine can simply be pulled apart if the top screw does not hold.