A taximeter totals the money owed by a passenger for the time spent in your taxi, based on your rates. You must reset the taximeter to prevent a previous fare rate from being added to a current fare bill. The device should also be reset between each shift, especially if you are sharing a taxi with another driver. Taximeters can be slightly different to operate depending on the brand, but many use the same button names and procedures for resetting the meter.

Press the "Meter" or "Hire(d)" button to start the fare.

Press the "Extras" button to add extra cost to the fare such as an airport fee. When the meter is not in "Hired" mode, click the Extras button to view daily statistics or extra statistics. Continue to press the "Extras" button until the extra cost or option is displayed.

Click the "Time," "Time Off" or "Stop" button to end the fare. Click the "Meter" button again to reset the meter and calculate a new fare.

Press the "Clear" or "Stats" button several times to reset the meter at the beginning of your shift. Some meters require that you press the button exactly eight times. Or, press the "Hired" button followed by the "Rate" button to reset daily statistics and total statistics.