Cheapest Way to Ship Packages to California

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For individuals and businesses in the United States, the cheapest way to ship domestic packages is the United States Postal Service (USPS). The USPS has more locations than any other shipper. However, there are drawbacks to choosing the cheapest USPS shipping option over other shippers such as UPS or FedEx or more expensive USPS options. Shipping is slower and, unless you ship large quantities of packages regularly, you will have to take your package to a post office.

Identify the type of materials to be shipped. USPS prohibits mailing certain items such as explosives. If you are shipping a permitted item, you will have the cheapest rate for media items such as books, printed materials, computer media or recorded media.

Package your items, address the package and take it to a post office during business hours.

Ask for the media mail rate if you are shipping media items. The clerk will ask you to verify that you are shipping items permitted for this postal rate.

Ask for the cheapest option, Parcel Post, if you are shipping other permitted items. If you are shipping a large number of items, Parcel Select is a cheaper option.

Insure your package if you are shipping something of substantial value. You will be compensated if the contents are damaged or destroyed.


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