Kronos time clocks have become a popular means of keeping track of employee hours. Once they are set up, they are simple to use; each employee signs onto the system to mark when she begins and ends a work shift. Before employees can begin using the Kronos system, an administrator needs to set the time clock.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer with Kronos software

  • Administrative privileges

  • Kronos password

Sign into the Kronos workstation using your administrator name and password. If you have not been assigned these credentials, contact your information technology department to obtain them.

Highlight the Communications Tasks window. Choose the option to poll the clock.

Open the Systems Data folder on the Kronos workstation by double-clicking it. A list of folders will appear on the screen. Open the Stations folder.

Click on the name of a station you want to set with the right mouse button. When you do this, a menu appears. Choose "Properties" from this menu and click on the button labeled "Terminal Properties." A new window should open containing several tab. Click on the Comms tab and choose "Set Date and Time". Check the date and time against another computer or cell phone to make sure it is accurate before clicking "OK" to confirm the date and time.

Repeat Step 4 for each employee workstation.


You may wish to test each terminal prior to asking employees to use the system. If you have to reset the time (such as after a power failure or during daylight-saving time), it is best to do so when there are no employees using the system.


If employees use the system before the time is set properly, you may have to manually adjust their time cards.