Self-service human resource systems allow employees to update information, view pay statements, bid on available jobs and read company policies. The systems reduce the workload for human resource personnel and can lower administrative costs in organizations. Human resource self-service systems do offer advantages to a company, but management must consider the disadvantages before implementing a system.


The organization must use time and resources to train employees to use the new human resource system. Some employees may be uncomfortable using the computer-based system to update their records in the human resource system. In an organization with a large number of employees, training may require multiple sessions to ensure all employees know how to use the system. Human resource and information technology employees also will require training on the new system to help employees troubleshoot problems with the system as well.

Human Error

A self-service system opens the possibility of errors introduced to personnel files by employees. While errors are also a possibility when human resource employees enter personnel data into files, the problem may be greater with employees who are unfamiliar with the system. The errors may go undetected without human resource oversight.


Not all employees in an organization may have access to computers for entering or viewing information. The cost of implementing the system increases if the company sets up computer systems throughout the building for employee access to human resource information. Computer stations set up in the company increases the workload for information technology employees, as well.

Face-to-Face Interaction

A computer-based self-service human resource system reduces the face-to-face interaction between workers and personnel employees. Some employees may require assistance to understand insurance and benefit forms, which is not available with a self-service system.

Online Information Security

Companies that use a self-service system that provides access to employees over the Internet must take steps to keep the worker’s personal information private. A system that uses the company intranet is a safer option for employee information, but it still must be guarded to protect the privacy of employee information.