How to Hold FUN Fundraising Events: Ideas for Success

Need new fundraising events? Ideas with FUN are the key! Tired of all the selling and begging people to buy, just to help your cause?

Raising money shouldn't be painful or uncomfortable. Go beyond the rummage sale, the bake sale, or any of the other average fundraising events. Ideas of successful charity events mean fun for the person contributing the money.

Find out some new and entertaining ways to raise money for your cause.

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Have a tournament as one of your fundraising events. Ideas for tournaments include anything from golf, bowling, bingo, monopoly, or even a hot dog eating contest.

Keep in mind any tournament should have 3 key elements: A fee to enter, participates, and a prize for the winner. Don't forget to advertise.

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Have a silent auction in conjunction with a tea. Do this on a Sunday afternoon in a well known location.

Make up sheets for bidders to write their bids on. Have people in your charity donate items, such as household items or artwork.

Many grocery stores will donate tea, sugar, ice, and even snacks for a charity. Use the items and have several organization members to rotate as servers.

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Have a fall festival, spring fling, or summer carnival. These are great fundraising events. Ideas for these fun events include activities such as face painting, a cakewalk, moon jumps and other inexpensive activities and rides.

Charge a gate price or require a set amount of tickets per activity. Charge for tickets.

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Host a womanless pageant. Men and teenagers volunteer to be in a beauty pageant, complete with high heels and makeup.

Use judges, just as you would a regular beauty pageant. Charge a set price to get in the door. See the additional resource below for complete details.

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Host a Gender Swap Party as one of your fundraising events. Ideas for this event include having each couple dress as the other partner.

Men dress up like their wives, complete with wig, makeup and jewelry. Women dress up as their boyfriends, husbands, or dates, with wig, beard, mustache, etc.

Charge a set price per couple and give a prize to the best costumed couple.


  • Your charity needs FUN fundraising events. Ideas for raising money don't have to conform to usual fundraisers. Try something new and creative!

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