How to Do A Dancing Stars Fund Raiser

by braniac

Are you and your group looking for a fun fund raiser? Consider doing a "Dancing Stars" fund raiser. It's a lot of hard work, but it can be so much fun!!!

FIND A DANCE STUDIO * Find a dance studio that is in a central location * Explain to the dance studio that your organization is looking for a studio to host a dancing stars event with local tv and radio personalities. This event should bring in media attention from your local area. * Ask if there are 5 people who can train 5 personalities with no experience (most likely) * Ask how many people they can sit for your show. This event will most likely start small, but gain in popularity.

START CONTACTING YOUR LOCAL TV/RADIO PERSONALITIES * Explain what your intentions are - you want to make money for your organization. * Once you get your first participant, go can use their name to go forward. You need at least 5 people to have a successful show.

MEDIA COVERAGE/ADVERTISING * Start asking your local radio shows and tv shows for free advertising. * If a local DJ is helping by dancing, consider going on their talk show to advertise your event. * Make the morning show TV events * For the advanced internet users - set up a webpage so people can vote for their favorite tv personalities. Enlist the help of local businesses and let them pay for ads, one internet web page developer may even donate the site for free. **Make your web address EASY***

MAKING MONEY * Sell tickets to your event. You can do a set ticket price, or pay a donation. * Make sure you have tax deductible receipts.

YOUR EVENT * Give the people what they came to see - dancing with their local stars. * You may want to have an hors d'oeuvres table with light refreshment and beverages.

ASK FOR EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING. It takes special people who can ask for items for a fund raiser, but you get that person who will make the organizations want to donate. In addition to asking for your dance studio and dance lessons, outfits, advertising, web page don't forget to get someone to do their hair and makeup. A Mary Kay lady or hairstylist just starting would LOVE to get advertising. Remind the people who donate their time and products that this will be a charity event and they should be able to receive appropriate deductions.


  • GOOD LUCK!!!

Things Needed

  • Dance studio
  • TV/Radio Personalities
  • Wardrobe provider for the dresses and outfits for men
  • Advertising

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