Country store decorating ideas combine a rural theme with smart displays to entice customers. The most important thing to remember when decorating a country store is not to go overboard. You don’t want to add so many items that your decorations overwhelm your merchandise. You need to keep decorations clean and edited to create a subtle charm.

Display Containers

The shelves, cases and barrels used to display goods need to tie into your country theme or the containers will stick out like a sore thumb. Rustic pine shelves and iron-ring water barrels create a plain display area. Oak shelves with carved vine trim work with or without glass doors to create an earthy display area. Delicate white shelves with carved floral trim create a country French display area.

Door Treatment

Use the empty space above the country store’s door to add an attractive floral valance decoration. The decoration is similar to a basic flower and wicker wreath, except that the valance has a flat shape to fit along the top of the door frame. The valance can use different kinds of flowers and plants for any seasonal or holiday themes.

Twisted pieces of thin wicker create a horizontal line that rises slightly in the middle and at each end. Small silk sunflowers, daisies and ivy can twist around the wicker base to create a cheerful theme for summer. Red rosebuds, pink rosebuds and white-tipped ivy can twist around the wicker base to create a romantic theme for Valentine’s Day.

Wall Treatment

A few wall decorations help break up different merchandise sections and provide an artistic appeal to a country store. Wood-framed photographs and/or realistic paintings of old barns, quaint farmhouses, fields of wheat, wildflowers and cowboys are popular wall decorations. Hammered and/or painted metal wall hangings shaped like chickens, cows, tractors, ducks or flowers are another common choice.

Colorful fabric wreaths add a homemade feel to a country store. Tiny squares of sunflower-patterned fabric create a fluffy wreath that can remain plain or be embellished with silk sunflowers. A pine bough wreath with glossy plastic cranberries, metallic gold beads and a red velvet bow creates a farmhouse Christmas decoration.

Window Treatments

Decorative window treatments help make the windows of a country store more attractive from the inside and the outside. Use a simple, knob-ended, wood curtain rod with white lace curtains for a soft style. A lavender, ivy and wicker garland looped around the wood rod adds an earthy touch.

A scalloped window valance with ruffles of pastel plaid cotton and a white ribbon bow on each end make for a feminine style. Cream gingham curtains with blue toile, a straight ruffled valance and ruffle edging create a classic country French style. A pair of red-and-white checked curtains hanging from a white curtain rod creates a bold style.