How to Decorate a Reception Hall for a Conference

Decorating a reception hall for a conference can seem like a daunting task for the person in charge of making sure that the company hosting the conference maintains a professional appearance. The tone of the conference and the company attitude of those hosting will need to be considered when decorating. Remember to keep the conference's main goal in mind at all times.

Arrange the tables so that all conference attendees can see the speaker at the front of the room. Table arrangement will help determine how the rest of the room is decorated.

Cover the tables with either a neutral table cloth or with one that complements or matches the colors of the conference logo. Make sure that the color you choose does not hurt your attendees' eyes. Any color that is very bright may begin to irritate conference goers' eyes after just a few minutes.

Cover the chairs if they clash with table covers or if they are unappealing to the eye. Folding chairs will always need to be covered in order to make them look more comfortable and welcoming to guests. A neutral color should be used for the chairs so that you do not overwhelm your guests with too much color.

Add small, useful centerpieces to every table. If using long tables you can use one centerpiece for every four chairs. A useful centerpiece may include a covered box of tissue and a wine glass full of pens with the conference's logo on them. Remember that you do not want to block attendees' view of the speaker.

Attach a large print of the conference's logo to the front of the lectern being provided to the speakers. You can also use prints of the conference logo to decorate the walls of the reception hall.

Hang wall hangings that correlate with the conference's main goal or theme. If you are hosting a computer conference, wall hangings with pictures of the latest computer hardware will add a nice touch and give attendees something new to look at during breaks in activity.


  • Make sure that any decorating you do falls within the rental agreement that the conference has with the reception hall.

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