How to Make a Form for a Bake Sale

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Raising funds for non profit organizations, schools or sports teams can be difficult. However, bake sales offer donors the opportunity to get a few sweet treats in exchange for their contribution. The use of pre-order forms can bolster event sales and help bakers know just how much product to make. Fortunately, creating a bake sale form can be done before the first batch of cookies is out of the oven.

Establish a product list that outlines everything that will be available at the bake sale. Include popular baked goods such a various types of cookies, brownies, various bars and slices of cakes or breads. Price each item at a rate that will cover the cost of ingredients, as well as leave a profit margin large enough to meet your organization's fund-raising goals.

Open a blank document in Microsoft Word, or a similar word processing program. Create a header that features the name of the bake sale, the organization it will support and contact information for the event coordinator. Use creative fonts and clip art, or the organization's logo, to make the form visually appealing.

List all of the bake sale items available for pre-order in a column on the left hand side of the sheet. Create a second column next to the first that lists the price per item, or unit. For instance, cookies may be sold by the dozen, while brownies could be sold singularly or in half-dozen groups. Place a multiplication sign between the price column, and a third column with a 1/2" long blank line. Place a header over the column of lines that says "quantity." Donors will indicate how many of each item they would like in this column.

Place an equals sign before a fourth column of blank lines that line up with each item. Label this column as "Total." This column will be used for donors to list the total cost for the quantity of each item that they're purchasing. Create a blank line at the bottom of the "Total" column for the overall order total to be calculated.

Type text at the bottom of the page that indicates where order forms should be sent to, an order deadline and how to make payment for the order. Print the completed bake sale form and make copies to distribute as needed. You may also choose to save the form as a PDF file that can be e-mailed to donors and printed at their leisure.