Small Organization Raffle Ideas

A raffle is a great way to raise money for a small organization. People love to win things, and a raffle can attract attention at a fair or other event. Additionally, you can sell raffle tickets in advance for a discount, giving people an opportunity to get more chances to win for less. The items you raffle will determine how excited your community gets.

Top Raffle Prizes

The bigger the prize, the better your raffle turnout will be. If your organization has a good reputation within the community, you might be able to acquire higher quality raffle items. Put together a committee that focuses on specific items that are top raffle attractions.

The top raffle prizes are travel packages and weekend getaways. If you can get a prize that includes airfare, a hotel and even a spa treatment, you will get a lot of buzz for your raffle. Another top prize is a car; park the car outside your organization with someone selling raffle tickets. Other items to give as raffle prizes: electronics such as game systems, sound systems or televisions. Gift baskets and gift certificates to local businesses promotes the businesses and helps your organization.


While there is no rule about when to have a raffle, timing a raffle properly can increase the dollars your organization raises. If your organization is having a major event such as a dinner/dance, fair or major game, have the raffle during the event. This way you can promote the event and the raffle at the same time. You can also have a raffle during a banquet.

But people are more likely to buy raffle tickets in advance when they know they don't need to be present to win. Your organization can promise to publish the raffle winners' names in a newsletter or otherwise notify winners.

Raffle Structure

A 50/50 raffle is essentially a lottery; the person who wins the raffle gets half of the money earned from the ticket sales. Check with your state's attorney general to see what permit, if any, you may need for a 50/50 raffle.

Another type of raffle gives away smaller items first, building up to a major giveaway and giving people more opportunities to buy tickets as the raffle prizes grow in value.

Banquets and conventions often hold raffles in which people to buy tickets and place them in a box that will award one specific prize. People can buy as many raffle tickets as they want and distribute them among the entry boxes for the prize they hope to win.