Homemade Bank Deposit Slips

You need deposit slips to make deposits into your bank account. The bank provides deposit slips free with your checks but the bank only includes a small amount of deposit slips. You may order more deposit slips through your bank but you must pay for them. Alternatively, you can produce your own homemade deposit slips using your computer, a deposit making software program and your printer.

Purchase Software

Many programs are available to make homemade deposit slips. Most offer a free trial of the software for your inspection. Take advantage of the free trial and print out a few trial deposit slips to take to your bank for inspection. Your bank may reject your homemade deposit slips so do not forget to have the bank inspect them before purchasing the software and printing out a large batch of deposit slips.

Paper Options

When you use software to print your homemade deposit slips you do not need to print these deposit slips on special paper. However, it is best to print a sample deposit slip and take it to your bank to make sure your bank accepts the form. Some accounting software products will ask you to use certain paper but be aware you do not need to incur this expense. Check the program before you purchase it to make sure you can use any kind of paper in printing your homemade deposit slips.

You may also make homemade deposit slips with the generic deposit slips that your bank provides at the desk in the bank lobby. If you choose this option, you do not need a software program or paper. Simple grab a handful of deposit slips from your bank’s supply whenever you get low on them. You will need to fill in your name and account number on each ticket either by hand or by typing this information onto the deposit slip. This way is more work but you may utilize this method free.

Design Your Deposit Slips

Open your software program and begin preparing your homemade deposit slips. Fill out all of the sections including your information, the bank name, routing number and your account number, and other pertinent information that the deposit slip program asks. Preview a sample of the finished product before printing your deposit slips. If you do not yet have bank approval, only print one or two deposit slips so that you do not waste the paper. Take the deposit slip to your bank for approval and then print a batch of homemade deposit slips for your use.

Change Deposit Slips

If you change banks, you will need to change your homemade deposit slips to reflect your new bank information. Open the software program and make the appropriate changes within the program. Once the changes are complete, print a sample of your new deposit slip. Take this to the new bank and get approval. It is best not to print deposit slips too far in advance in case your bank changes information. Banks buy out other banks and may change essential information, such as name and routing number.



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