Computer service and repair is something everyone will use at one time or another. There is often a lot of competition in this business, especially from people who think they can do the job themselves. It’s key to advertise so that people will know you exist when they can’t get the problem fixed and need your help.


It may seem like it’s been overdone, but flyers are cheap and easy and well worth using as a source for advertising. Flyers can be put up on bulletin boards, including those in grocery stores, laundromats and college campuses. Just put the basic information about your company, some prices and how you can help with common problems. Use attention-grabbing phrases such as, "got a virus?" or "computer running slow?" Make tear-offs on the bottom of the flyer that include your name and number. Check back often to see if the flyers have had anyone pull off tabs or if the flyers have been taken down.

Local Internet Ads

Use Google and Facebook to create ads targeted to your local area. On both of these sources, you can create ads that link to your website. On Google ads, you can pick websites local to your area; on Facebook, you can choose states and cities to target. Simply create a small block of text that says something such as "Clicked too often, got problems? Bob's computer service can help." When a person clicks on it, it will take him to your site. Target websites that will attract people with computer problems such as computer forums.

Business Cards

Business cards aren’t just for giving to clients, but also serve as an easy form of advertisement. Put your cards on bulletin boards and other areas where information is shared. Include a phrase, along with your contact information, on your card that says something like "Virus Alert, pick me up for help!" Many places also have giveaways in which you drop your business card in a box and they draw a winner. Hand out business cards to your friends, family and anyone you think could use your service. Computer shows are a perfect place to hand out business cards.

Car Magnet

Many small businesses have billboard magnets that stick to the side of their cars and are easily removed. Have your logo, phone number and other relevant information put on the magnet—anywhere you travel, people will see your ad. If your logo doesn't have a computer on it, then include an image that will alert people you are running a computer repair business. You should definitely utilize this while you are on computer service repair calls.