Air conditioning companies look forward to the start of hot weather because sales really jump and the calls pour in for repairs and new units. Most air conditioning businesses target new construction projects as well as older residences and buildings that need new units, systems or repairs, giving them a year-round supply of customers. Before you begin advertising, refine your message by looking for ways to stand out from competitors, such as offering energy-efficient units or quiet models that need little future maintenance.

Inexpensive Ads

An inexpensive way to advertise your air conditioners and repair services is to place an insert into newsletters sent to members of homeowner and condo associations. Look for associations with homes that are old enough to need updated appliances or repairs. Most associations ask you for a letter-sized flyer that you print and provide, and they charge you an insertion fee to place it in the newsletter. Once you sell an air conditioning system or provide repairs at a house in the association, obtain a testimonial and use it in your next ad to convince the neighbors to give you a call, too.


If you sell air conditioning units from a storefront, sign up for a free account with Google Places. When people look online for businesses in your area, your company will appear on the map provided by Google, which helps you start building a brand. Use search engine optimization tactics to get your website to come up on the first page of online searches under key phrases such as "repair air conditioners," "air conditioning units" and "installing air conditioning" along with the specific brand names you sell.


Word-of-mouth plays an important role in getting people to call for service or installation of a system. Reward customers who refer someone to your business with a free routine maintenance or cleaning service. To enhance word-of-mouth advertising, get listed in online directories such as the members-only Angie’s List or the non-profit organization Checkbook. Encourage as many of your satisfied customers as possible to post positive testimonials that reflect how well you handled repairs, the good customer service you provided, the trust you invoked and the demeanor of the employees who worked on the job.

Yellow Pages

When the air conditioning fails, people want it fixed fast, and some people who don't look online first still go to the phone book’s yellow pages to find a repair company. Your yellow pages ad does not need to be huge -- or expensive -- to be effective; print the basics, including your contact information and the type of clients you serve, such as residences or businesses. Mention what makes you different from competitors when it comes to the units or services you provide. Mention free estimates on repairs or 24-hour turnaround if available. Add your website address so diligent prospects can learn more about your company online.