A customer complaint to the Better Business Bureau can cause serious damage to your business's reputation, so it's important to respond promptly and in the correct manner to any concerns a customer might have. BBB provides a forum for customers to lodge their complaints and businesses to respond to them. If someone has filed a complaint against your business, BBB offers you a way to resolve the issue.


Log in to the Better Business Bureau site if you received the complaint via the same email you have on file with the bureau. The login page will ask for your email address on file and the identification number of the complaint, which should accompany the email you received. When you log in, the BBB will show you a copy of the complaint.

Click on the link in the left margin to enter a response.

Enter your response to the complaint in the text box provided and submit it to the Better Business Bureau.

Mail or Fax

Respond to the complaint using the online form on the BBB's website if you got a complaint via mail or fax and don't know whether you have an email address on file with the BBB. Fill out your company name, contact name, contact phone number, contact email address, the name of the person who sent the complaint and the name of the BBB staffer who handled it if you know who it is.

Provide a brief and factual response to the complaint in the text box provided.

Click "File My Response" when finished.