Strong online customer reviews can help drive other customers to your business, and businesses are increasingly offering incentives to consumers who write reviews. The best titles of reviews help other users find the reviews and provide helpful previews of their contents. If you need to help your customers write compelling reviews, encourage them to draft clear, succinct titles.

Search-Engine Optimization

A title that helps Internet searchers find reviews of your product can boost your search-engine rankings. Consider asking customers to incorporate the name of your product and business and the word "review" into their titles. For example, a customer might title the review, "Review of Mike's Auto Parts Store."

Summarize the Experience

A brief summary of a customer's experience can encourage readers to continue reading to get the details. This approach can also boost search-engine rankings if the reviewer is specific and uses common search terms. It also helps to have the customer provide information about the type of business, as this can help searchers find a new business. A customer might use the title, "This Vegetarian Restaurant Has Excellent Service" to help searchers locate your vegetarian deli.

Choose Credible Reviewers

Some product reviews are more convincing when they come from a reviewer who has the right qualifications. A philosophy e-book, for example, may be more attractive when a philosophy professor reviews it. If your customers are reviewing technical products or products that require some expertise to properly review, encourage them to use titles such as "This Philosophy Professor Says, 'Excellent.'"

Wit and Humor

Internet searchers don't just want information; they want to be entertained. Funny, amusing reviews can go viral and rise to the top of Internet search results. If you have particularly witty customers, encourage them to get creative with their reviews and to offer titles that encourage searchers to keep reading. The title of a review of a vegetarian restaurant might read, "Tofu That Doesn't Taste Like Death."