The Best Places to Sell a Diamond Wedding Set

When it comes to selling jewelry, it's important to know your stuff. However, this is even more vital when you are dealing with diamond wedding jewelry. Brides and brides-to-be are notorious for scouring the market for the perfect diamond wedding set with the perfect five C's: cut, clarity, color, carat and certificate. Finding the right market in which to peddle diamond wedding sets is imperative to sales success, as this type of retail requires access to disposable income and innate knowledge of these sparkling gems.


When it comes to selling diamond wedding sets, you are more likely to get top dollar from a site that specializes in purchasing diamond jewelry or wedding jewelry, such as Sell My Diamonds or the New York Diamond Exchange. The reason sites such as these are more beneficial is because they have professional appraisers who determine the true value of the wedding set and give you a fair price accordingly. However, if you simply want to make a sale – and make it quickly – then you can either set up a website on which you can sell your diamond wedding set or list you set for sale on an auction site such as eBay. Be prepared, though. People on auction sites are generally bargain hunting, so you might not get as much.

Wedding Expo

Most cities – large and small – have wedding expos, where potential brides look for great deals on everything they need for the big day. Purchase a table and set up shop, displaying your diamond wedding set available for brides to purchase. Jazz up your table, surround the jewelry you are selling with other coupons from wedding vendors and some fun wedding decor, such as rose petals, white ribbon and lace.

Private Dealer

Visit a few independent jewelry stores in your community, particularly those that buy back jewelry. You also may have more success with this route as a professional jeweler will know exactly how to appraise your diamond wedding set and give you a fair price to purchase it. Diamond stores in particular look for these kinds of sales because they can turn around and sell it to make back the money they paid for the set, as well as a profit. Stay away from mainstream jewelry stores, as they are strictly sales-oriented and don't generally purchase jewelry from customers.



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