New York State Construction Business Requirements

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All construction businesses in New York State are regulated at the local or municipal level. Performing new home construction, home improvements or commercial construction require a general contractors license issued by the local government such as New York City, Buffalo or the rural communities and counties. A construction business does have to register with the Secretary of State in New York.

Registering a Construction Business

The Secretary of State in New York requires all businesses to register with the Division of Corporations. Construction business form a business corporation in accordance with the state laws of New York by filing a certificate of incorporation. The construction business must have a unique business name, which can be determined by filing a name availability form with the state to determine if the business name is not being used by another New York State corporation.

Insurance Requirements

The State of New York requires every construction business to carry different kinds of insurance. The New York State labor law requires the construction business to get what the state calls "absolute insurance" if the construction business is using scaffolding. Construction businesses also must carry workers compensation insurance, general liability insurance, disability insurance and some special insurances such as marine insurance and company auto insurance. The amount of insurance required is determined by the value of the construction being done.

Licensing Requirements

Each municipality has its own licensing requirements for construction businesses in New York State. New York City requires a construction business that does home improvements get a home improvement contractors license before doing any construction repair or remodeling in the city limits. The city also requires a construction business get a home improvement salespersons license if the construction business sell any materials to the home owner. Buffalo, New York requires a construction business to get a contractors license before performing construction work withing the city limits.


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