Getting a Florida business license for a new cleaning business is not that difficult as long as certain steps are followed. Unlike some businesses in Florida, there are no special licenses and permits required for a cleaning business other than the general licensing requirements for all businesses in the state. There may some special permits necessary in the county or city where the cleaning business is located, such as signage permits and an occupational permit for individuals wanting to run their business out of their home.

Business Name

The first step in starting a business and getting a business license in Florida is to register a unique name of the company. Whether the cleaning company is a sole-proprietor or corporation, the business owner must register the business name with the city or county where the business is to be conducted, to identify the company or business to the state for sales tax, state income tax payments and unemployment insurance. Registering a business name with the state ensures no other business has the same or similar name, making it easier to identify an individual's cleaning business. Registration can be done online as well as through the mail, and it requires paying a fee.

Employer Identification Number

Every business that has or plans to have employees must file for a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN). This number identifies the cleaning business to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax purposes. This shows the IRS that the business is withholding federal taxes from an employee and how much an individual employee is making for the end-of-the-year tax-filing purposes. The cleaning business is also identified by this number when it pays federal business taxes for the profits it made during the course of the year.

Local Permits

Anyone operating a cleaning business in Florida needs to check with the county or city in which they do business to ensure no other permits are required. Each county or city has special licenses and permits. Licenses and permits, such as an occupational permit or a signage permit for placing a sign outside the business, may be required. An alarm permit is required in some Florida counties and cities if the business plans to put in a burglar alarm and a zoning permit can be required if you are developing land for a commercial reason.