According to the United States Census Bureau, the population in the city of San Diego consisted of more than 3,000,000 people in 2008. These numbers can be inspiring if you want to start a business in this city. A population of this size sheds a positive light on the amount of potential customers you have access to. Starting a cleaning company in San Diego, no matter what type it is, can be a profitable career choice. The key to success is choosing to start a cleaning company that fits your capabilities.

Decide what type of cleaning company you want to start. You can choose to start a residential cleaning service or a commercial cleaning company. If you are operating as the only employee in your business, it would be wise to start a residential cleaning company. Office buildings tend to be larger than residential buildings and will more than likely need at least two people to clean thoroughly.

Obtain a business tax certificate (business license) for your cleaning company. All businesses in the city of San Diego must obtain a business tax certificate before beginning any operations. Fill out an application at the City Treasurer’s office and submit the proper filing fee for your business. The City Treasurer’s office is located at 1200 Third Ave., Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92101.

Acquire any insurance that may be necessary to run your business. When you apply for your business tax certificate, a representative at the city Treasurer’s office will be able to tell you what insurance you need to purchase in order to run your business. At the least, you should purchase property damage liability insurance to protect yourself financially.

Attain cleaning supplies appropriate for your type of cleaning service. If you decide to start a commercial cleaning company, you will probably need a vacuum cleaner, large garbage bags and dusters, among other things. For residential cleaning, it’s a good idea to purchase cleansers, protective gloves and masks, and sponges, as well as a broom and mop.

Market your business. Post ads in online and offline classifieds offering your services. Make sure to include your contact information in the ad. Print business cards and fliers to distribute to potential customers as well as post them on neighborhood bulletin boards. Let your friends and family know you are open for business so they can help spread the word about your cleaning company. Join the San Diego Chamber of Commerce so you can be added to its directory of businesses. A lot of consumers refer to this directory when they are looking for a trusted business to patronize.