The cleaning business in Ontario is comprised of two major markets: commercial and consumer. Commercial cleaners provide a wide range of services from carpet and window cleaning to collecting and discarding hazardous materials. Consumer cleaning businesses are usually residential carpet and upholstery cleaning businesses or maid services. Starting a cleaning business in Ontario requires that you understand your market and register your business.

Things You Will Need
  • NUANS business name search

  • Business plan

  • Additional permits and licenses

Research the cleaning industry. Before you can register your business, you must research the complexities, requirements and opportunities of the cleaning industry. Depending on the type of cleaning business you will start, you may need supporting licenses to handle, transport and discard hazardous waste or permits to operate in your municipality.

Choose which type of cleaning business you will open. Once you have researched the cleaning industry, you must choose which type of cleaning business to register, commercial or consumer. Although most cleaning businesses target one market, it is also possible to serve both markets with your cleaning business.

Create a business plan. After you have decided which type of business you will start, is essential to create a business plan. Include how you will market your new company, in which geographical location you will operate, the pricing of your services and what type of cleaning services you will offer.

Register your business. Once a business plan has been made, you must choose a name for your business and register it. Before completing a new business registration, a Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search (NUANS) must be performed to ensure that no other company is operating under the same name. NUANS is the government search system used to compare your proposed company name to the existing companies and trademarks in Canada to avoid duplication and confusion. After the NUANS search has been completed and your business name has been reserved, you must register your new business on the Service Ontario website and pay the registration fee. New business registrations can also be completed in person at any Service Ontario office.

Acquire additional licenses and permits. Upon receiving your business and tax numbers with your business registration you may be required to obtain additional licenses or permits. For example, in some municipalities you may be required to register your business locally. If your business will be handling or discarding hazardous materials, you must apply for a hazardous materials permit and pay a registration fee on the Ministry of Environment Hazardous Waste Information Network website.