Easy Ways to Make Extra Income

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Whether you are a stay at home parent looking to make some extra family income or the breadwinner seeking to add a little extra to save for a special trip, there are simple and effective ways to make extra income. According to Moneymakingmoney.com, freelancers are in high demand for desktop publishing, legal, administrative, web design and data-entry work that can be carried out from home. Extra money can also be earned by utilizing your hobbies and any crafts that you take part in.

Hobbies and Crafts

Make extra income by selling your handmade objects. There are limitless opportunities for making money doing this. According to Etsy.com, thousands of people throughout America and the world are selling their crafts; such as knitting, sewing, paintings, baking and pottery, to bring in extra income. Contact local craft stores and ask if they will stock your products, rent a stall at a local market or sell directly online. Create your own online store website or create a user account with one of the many bidding websites available such as Etsy.com, Ebay.com or Ebid.com.

Freelance Work

If you have a particular skill or trade such as writing, web design or administrative skills, consider working freelance from home. Working freelance allows you to pick and choose between clients and work so that you only have to do the amount that suits you and is easy to fit into your schedule. Contact companies locally, asking if they need any work done, advertise in the newspaper or create a website to show off your skills. There are freelancing websites that feature freelance jobs available. You can create a profile and bid on the jobs offering the amount you expect to be paid and how long the job would take you. Examples of freelancing sites include, Elance.com, Guru.com and Freelancer.com.

Online Surveys

Completing online surveys can help bring in extra income. It is quick and easy, allowing you to fit it into your schedule. Companies require surveys to be carried out in order for them to receive accurate feedback on their products. There are several websites that will send you surveys to complete and will pay, according to Lacetoleather.com, anywhere between $5 and $50 per survey. Some companies may not offer a cash reward for completing their surveys but give you discounts and free products.

Affiliate Marketing

If you run a website or blog, you can make easy money by signing up for affiliate marketing. This works by you allowing adverts to be placed onto your blog or website. When people click on the advert taking them to another website where they buy goods or services, you will receive a small percentage of the profit. If you have a large volume of traffic coming to your website or blog, this small percentage can quickly add up over time and requires little effort on your part. The most popular and widely used affiliate marketing program is adsense by Google.



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