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A preschool without new children is like a boat with a hole in the bottom because both will eventually fail. Your school needs new children coming in every year, to replace the students who graduate and move onto elementary school. It’s sometimes difficult to attract new students, especially if there’s a lot of competition in your area. Using preschool marketing ideas helps you reach parents who may not know about your school and increase the number of students you have.

Free Seminar

Host a free seminar at your school, to teach parents and children about a particular topic. Run a seminar on safety, such as keeping kids safe in the community or staying safe during a fire. Alternatively, use a hot topic that you can use for both parents and kids, like easy ways to go green around the house. You can even get local law enforcement involved and host a free fingerprinting seminar and then help parents make identification cards for their kids. Once the parents see how helpful you are when it comes to their children, they might want to learn more.

Promotional Items

Give out promotional items branded with your school name, logo and basic contact information. Absorbent, Ink has a large number of promotional products for schools, but you’ll also find similar products from other companies. Pass out small buttons, bumper stickers, cups or even pencils to anyone who expresses an interest in your preschool. Pass out larger items like bags, blankets, coolers and shirts to parents who have children enrolled in the school to garner interest among their friends and family. Make new kits with promotional items to give out to new students and parents. Include branded promotional products, as well as general school items that the kids need, such as crayons and paper.

Open House

Open the doors of the school several times a year and give parents a look at your school. Offer a full tour of your preschool, including classrooms, playground, teachers’ rooms and any other area of your school, even private areas like the main office. Let parents drop off their kids with one of the teachers before the tour, to show them how well the teachers get along with the children. Introduce the parents to all of your teachers and give them time to ask any questions they might have. Offer free refreshments and turn the event into a free party.



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