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If you're looking for a car display that stands out from the crowd, creativity is the key. Whether using the display at a dealership or a car show, finding imaginative ways to point out a car's special features can help you make better sales or create a lasting reputation for yourself and your business.

Put Your Car on a Stand

It may seem simple, but the first step to creating an impressive car display involves investing in a stand. A stand lets people look at the car from a variety of angles, including detail work they might otherwise miss. Angling the car on a stand, with the front end higher than the back end, can draw even more attention The prices of the stand vary depending on the seller and whether you buy from a larger depot or a smaller company. For example, at the time of publication, a display to hold up to 5,500 pounds sells for about $2,000 or one for up to 8,000 pounds for about $2,500 at discount stores. Portable display ramps holding up to 3,000 pounds sell for $335, and larger vehicle display platforms, suitable for showcasing in a showroom, cost about $1,400 at a car parts depot.

Use Feature-Emphasizing Accessories

A car on a stand by itself isn't enough to attract and hold people's attention. Try adding signs or a board that points out the features visitors should look for. A 6-foot-tall sign board behind your car, with before-and-after photographs of your work if you restored the vehicle or graphics explaining the car's special features, can make a difference in how well the car stands out. Adding a shiny chrome tailpipe or mirrors that draw attention to features underneath the car can also help.

Tie the Display to Movies

Another idea is to tie your car display to a popular movie. For example, you could advertise a sports car like an SLS AMG Black Series as the modern world's version of the Batmobile, as its doors open similarly to the high-tech ride in the "Batman" films. If you're selling a truck, add accessories that show how it would excel in a post-apocalyptic world, like "Mad Max." If your car is similar to a car featured in a popular film, you can emphasize that similarity with signs and comparison photos to grab the attention of people passing by.

Focus on Future Tech

Future technology is all the rage. If your car has a feature that feels like you're riding into the future, emphasize that feature so your visitors don't miss it. For example, display parts you made or rebuilt using a 3-D printer that can show how easy it would be for a customer to replace a car part. You could either print out 3-D parts and display them side-by-side with the original parts, or you could actually have the parts already installed, such as a 3-D-printed car door. Or your display could emphasize an environmentally friendly engine that will help drivers use less gas.


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