Promotional materials are a way for you to have your company logo and name in front of your client, and anyone around your client, as much as possible. If you use the right promotional items, your return on investment can be a jump in sales and revenue. There are many different types of promotional materials beyond the standard T-shirt or pen that you can use to market your business effectively.

Coffee Mugs

A coffee mug is something that people will have at their desk all day long, reminding not only themselves of your company, but also anyone else who sees the mug. Think about how often people in your office head to the coffee machine every day, and you get the idea of how powerful a marketing material the coffee mug can be. Ceramic mugs with your company name and logo printed on them are the most effective kinds to offer.


An umbrella may not sound like an effective marketing item, but it can be something that portrays a very positive image, if done properly. Get umbrellas that feature your company logo and name as large as possible, so people will be able to see it from far away. Umbrellas protect you from the elements. When your company name is on an umbrella protecting someone, your company and the umbrella itself may become a topic of conversation.


People reach for their keys at least twice a day: when they start their car to leave for work and when they start their car to come home. A keychain is something that people will see frequently, and passengers in the car will notice it as well. Add other features to the keychain, such as a bottle opener or a small flashlight, to make it something that people will use more often. You could also include a personal alarm on the keychain.