A candy bouquet business can be a great way to earn your living from home. A candy bouquet makes a great alternative to flower bouquets on special occasions, but they're not as common. This means that you will have to heavily market your product so that potential customers think of you when they need a gift. By minimizing your expenses and by going after a specific audience, you'll soon see your profits start to grow.

Things You Will Need
  • Wholesale candy

  • Ribbons

  • Vases

  • Decorative items

Research your local competition. If there are others in your area that make candy bouquets, look at their offerings and determine how you can stand out. For example, you can do more elaborate designs or offer bouquets at a different price. Flower shops are another type of competition, though you may be able to network with them.

Perfect your designs. The less time it takes to make a candy bouquet, the higher your per-hour profit. While you want to leave some room for originality, it's a good idea to develop a few key designs at various price levels.

Keep costs down. The key to making a profit on your candy bouquets is to minimize the cost of supplies while maximizing the price that you can charge. Do this by ordering candy and other items wholesale. You can also use your local dollar store to purchase some supplies.

Determine the price for your candy bouquets. You have to factor in the time that it takes to make the bouquet in addition to the cost of supplies. In general, your hourly rate plus the cost of supplies equals the wholesale rate. For example, if a bouquet takes 30 minutes to make with $5 worth of supplies, and you want to make $20 per hour, then the wholesale cost of this bouquet is $15. To get the retail price, you should multiply by one and a half or two, for a price of $25 to $30. Setting a retail cost that's higher than the actual cost of making it allows you to offer discounts and account for additional unforeseen expenses.

Market your product. You won't make a product if you don't have customers, so be sure to market your product well. Create a website to market your product online. Place fliers around your town. Sell your goods at craft shows. Always carry business cards so that you can pass them out to people that you happen to meet.