Long-Term Care Marketing Ideas

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Market a long-term care facility by painting a picture of how it focuses on the quality of life for residents. A strong online presence and special events are critical elements of efforts to provide families and referral agents the information they need.

Create Your Online Presence

Your website should be visually appealing to the audience, full of pictures of your facility and creative descriptions of care giving services. Load it with informative blogs and create marketing materials such as brochures with links to your online presence. Reach out to hospital discharge representatives, rehabilitation facilities, home care networks, social service agencies, senior centers and churches. Provide descriptions of the living quarters, meals and activities that make your facility an appealing choice.

Plan an Open House

Attract referral agents and families with open houses set in the long-term care facility. These events should include tours and provide time for interested parties to speak with employees and residents. Experiencing the facility will enable interested parties to get a feel for the atmosphere that a description can provide.

Create a Promotional Video

Take a video of your facility that highlights its attractiveness and practicality. Concentrate on close up views of the both the exterior and interior, with scenes of resident life. While you should present the facility fully, be sure not to spend too much time on any one section, as interest is lost when videos are too long. These films can then be distributed widely through both direct mailings of DVDs and by posting on the Internet through your own website and other video hosting platforms.


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