When it comes to building a home daycare business, prepping your building, training staff and licensing represent just part of the process. Once you're ready to open, it's time to advertise for customers -- a process that you'll have to revisit regularly for as long as your daycare is in business. Creating an effective daycare ad means showcasing the most important information prospective parents will want to see while making a convincing argument for choosing your daycare.

Begin with a statement that describes your daycare in glowing terms or describes the needs of a parent looking for daycare services. This statement may be a question, such as, “Looking for quality child care?” Or it could be a statement or basic description such as, “Experienced, caring daycare provider.”

Introduce your daycare by name and state the basics about your business, particularly your location, size (square footage, number of staff and average number of children) and the age range of children you accept.

List some of the features of your daycare. Include items such as meal and snack options, activities, outdoor play setup, fencing, and the size of the home or building.

List your qualifications, including: licenses or certification; any emergency medical or CPR training; years of experience; and, if you like, whether you have children of your own.

Include the hours of operation, such as the days of the week that your center is open and months of the year that your daycare offers services. If you offer services on any holidays, be sure to list them.

Give your address and contact information. If you plan to hold any open houses for prospective parents and children, list the dates and times.

Format the text on your computer. Space out each section of information from each of the above steps. Make the shorter, punchier sections of text larger, such as the opening statement . Make the contact information bold or use a different color for the text to make it stand out.