Grant writers and foundations refer to proposal sections by different terms---narrative, executive summary or statement of need. It's important to complete the ingredients for a proposal, including research, a budget and an organization's history. Once the components are written, they can be inserted in the appropriate place in the proposal.

1. Step 1

Research the needs of group homes in your area, the needs of the population you serve, statistics on issues faced by that population and other local organizations that provide the same services. For instance, a group home serving homeless youth will need conduct research on the number of homeless youth in the area, the reasons for homelessness and the services the youth require.

2. Step 2

Write a description of your organization that includes its history, mission, goals and current services. Describe your staffing, accreditation, licensing and other information specific to the home's operation, such as safety and insurance.

3. Step 3

Write the narrative, including how much money you are requesting, what the money will be used for and why your organization needs the money. Describe in detail your group home or the project you are seeking funding for. Explain how you will report on the use of funds to the donor.

4. Step 4

Write a statement of need using the research. Explain the needs of the group home population, how group homes address the problem and the need for group homes in your community. Explain why your group home is the best suited to meet these needs.

5. Step 5

Develop a budget for your group home, including all expenses and income. Include other sources of funding you are applying for. Note in the budget which expenses the grant will support.

6. Step 6

Summarize each section of your proposal with brief statements, provide contact information and conclude with a sentence thanking the foundation.

7. Step 7

Write a one-page cover letter. In the first paragraph, note that a proposal is attached, and state the amount you are requesting and how the funds will be used. Introduce your group home, and make one of two points about your work. In the closing paragraph, thank the foundation and provide contact information.

Things You Will Need
  • Notepad

  • Pencil

  • Computer