Child welfare projects receive support from many organizations. If your charitable organization is proposing a playground, obtaining funding should not be difficult, provided you prepare a comprehensive proposal. To do so, you have to carry out a survey of existing play facilities in the area and show that a new playground is required. Your success in finding the right sponsor will depend on how convincingly you use information and statistical data to prove this playground will aid in the all-round development of children.

1. Step 1

Find out information about other playgrounds in the area and decide the need for the charitable playground you propose to create. Collect statistics of the number of children who will be using the playground and use this to decide the specifics of your playground project. Collect the site dimensions of the location you have identified for the playground. Find out the types of play equipment that can be safely installed in this area. Swings, for instance, need to be in a larger area to enable their safe use. Decide the specific equipment based on the age group of children as identified in your survey. Determine the playground layout, calculate an approximate budget and estimate a time line for completion. Give a name to your charitable playground project.

2. Step 2

Establish credibility for your organization by describing the people involved and the activities you undertake. Add a brief write-up of your organization's philosophy and activities. Prepare brief biographies of key board members. Provide relevant information about past successful projects.

3. Step 3

Present a needs assessment that explains how you realized the need for a playground in the area. Provide all the relevant statistics on which you based your decision. Include data published in reputed scientific publications that explain the role of physical exercise in child development. Add information about how playing with other children in an open space can help children develop social and emotional skills. Describe the benefits of setting up a playground as envisioned by your organization. Speak of your need for funds to allow you to begin action in this direction.

4. Step 4

State your proposal in clear terms. Use a flow chart if necessary, to outline the procedure you will follow to complete the playground project. Include drawings of the proposed playground layout. Provide details of the approximate funds required for each aspect of the project as well as the total, consolidated figure.

5. Step 5

Begin the proposal with a title page that gives the name of your charitable organization and its mission statement. This goes at the start of the proposal, but write it after you have completed preparing the entire document. Follow the title page with the project name and a proposal summary, which covers the gist of your project. Speak of the need for a playground in the selected area and the benefits you believe will accrue from creating one. Provide a brief outline of your proposed plan and the outcome you hope to achieve. Keep this summary matter of fact, avoiding language that seeks to play on sentiment.