How to Write a Concept/Strategy Paper

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Whether you’re looking to conduct scientific research or sponsor a school event, you’ll want to create a concept paper to gain support from organizations with power and influence. Your concept paper will likely face some competition, so you’ll need to write a clean and organized draft that hones in on the essential details.

Provide information about the sponsor in the introduction. Explain the involvement of the funding agency, its mission and past successes.

Identify your own organization. Describe your goals and explain how they correlate with the goals of the funding agency. Also, acknowledge partner agencies that are involved.

Describe the problem that you intend to solve. Provide enough data to reveal the urgency of the issue.

Explain how your project will approach and solve the problem. Map out your methodology with a timeline. Describe how your project differs from others; however, if other organizations have tried the same project in the past, reference their successes.

Present a list of benefits that will arise from solving the problem. Relate to the audience by explaining how they will benefit.

Create a list of necessary resources. Reveal any financial aid or support you'd like for your project. Provide an accurate amount.

End the paper with your contact information. Include your name, phone number and e-mail address.

Edit your work. Each sentence should be clear and concise. Use positive wording to convey a confident tone. Consider your readers; delete or elaborate on any technical terms they won’t understand.


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