Advertising agencies make pitches to clients to present their credentials and proposals for handling a client’s advertising campaign. Clients typically invite several agencies to pitch when they are planning a new campaign, creating a competitive situation. Agencies also make pitches to clients to introduce themselves and get on the shortlist for future campaign pitches.

Review the client’s brief carefully before writing the pitch. A good brief sets out the objectives and intended results for the campaign, together with details of the market, target audience, budget and time frame. Carry out market research to gain a further understanding of the campaign requirements and fill any gaps not covered by the client’s brief.

Prepare a structure for the pitch to ensure that you cover all the essential elements in logical order. Ask other members of the agency team to provide input on marketing background, media plans, creative proposals and agency credentials. Open by thanking the client for the opportunity to pitch. Introduce the agency team who will be present at the pitch. Summarize the client’s campaign objectives to demonstrate that you understand the brief. Set out in general terms your assessment of the creative and media requirements needed to achieve the client’s objectives.

Describe your agency’s credentials for the campaign. Focus on any relevant experience in developing advertising for the client’s market sector. Provide a list of clients and briefly describe successful campaigns, including measurable results. Mention any awards you have won. Provide a brief biography of the agency team that will work on the campaign if your pitch is successful.

Set out your strategy for the campaign. Describe the information needs of the client’s target audience and explain why your approach would persuade the audience to take action. Set out the action the audience would take in response to the campaign, such as requesting further information or placing an order. Explain the rationale for the creative treatment you propose and briefly describe the creative elements, including images, in your pitch document. Describe why your creative treatment would have impact and differentiate your client from competitors. List the media you would use and justify your choice, showing how your schedule provides best coverage of the target audience at the lowest cost.

Provide detailed cost estimates and a time frame for developing and completing the campaign material. Summarize the key benefits of appointing your agency and thank the client for the opportunity to work with the company.