Different Advertising Platforms

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Advertising platforms evolve as media grows and changes. Any page or screen people pay attention to is a potential advertising platform. Some of the most successful platforms are ones that few would immediately think to use. While traditional advertising platforms such as newspapers and television remain viable, online platforms are growing in popularity compared to their old media peers.


Print media advertising has been around longer than any other type of advertising. Print outlets are also some of the most diverse platforms available, encompassing everything from books to periodicals. Traditional print advertising platforms include phone books, newspapers, magazines and brochures. Thinking outside the box, there are many alternative forms of print advertising available for advertisers on a budget: newsletters, newspaper inserts and advertorials (editorials that are paid for by the author) are all unconventional forms of print advertising that may generate results for advertisers.


Broadcast media has been used by advertisers for decades. Through broadcast media, advertisers can take advantages of audio and animation in addition to images. Traditional broadcast advertising platforms include radio and television. Newer broadcast advertising platforms include satellite radio and podcasts, or online radio shows. Advertisements broadcast through these newer platforms are designed the same way as traditional broadcast advertising: they are written and produced by advertising agencies.


Online advertising has grown and with the rise of social networking sites, it's likely to get bigger. Online advertising platforms are numerous. There are site-specific ads, such as banner ads that an advertiser pays to insert on specific place on a website and search engine, web video and social media ads. Different types of ads can be placed on the Internet: text, video and audio all work on multiple platforms.

In the Community

Don't limit an advertising campaign just to established advertising platforms. With a bit of effort and ingenuity, create your own platforms in your community. Simple paper posters can be effective in advertising tutoring services on college campuses. Self-made brochures can be successful if placed in venues where the client base is likely to be found, such as art gallery brochures in high-end coffee shops. For independent artists and musicians, distributing small promotional cards to people on the street can be an effective way of promoting an exhibit or show.