At-Home Small Business Ideas

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People that long to own a business can often start by opening a home-based business. Deciding what small business to start is sometimes a stumbling block because so many variables exist. You can try something new or start a time-tested business. You can start a business that you only need to work part-time or you can start one with limited funds. So many ideas exist that the most difficult part may be narrowing in on one.


When searching for the right home-based business, give yourself some time to explore possibilities. Allow yourself to brainstorm ideas or follow your passion. If you can sew, you can start a seamstress business. Contact local dry cleaners. The company may want to offer the service to their customers and you can provide the service. If you enjoy painting or photography, try finding a local store to take your pictures on consignment. If you enjoy dancing, consider hosting classes and teaching others to dance. If you enjoy a certain hobby, others will likely enjoy it as well.

Get Started Quickly

Some businesses such as a financial consultant may take time to build clientele or a daycare may take time to develop and obtain licensing. However, if you want to get started on a business quickly consider ideas like dog walking or tutoring. You don't need much preparation for a business like this. Simply get the word out with flyers, postings in the paper or notices at local stores. If you want to start tutoring, you can contact local day cares or community centers.

Internet Business

Starting an Internet business may seem a bit like data overload because so many ideas exist, but you can find one that fits your skills and business desires. If you are a writer, you can create a blog or write for websites. To get started, you should focus on a subject you are interested in or have experience with. For example, if you enjoy decorating, you can write articles or write a daily blog with tips and tricks. If you live a green lifestyle, you can share ideas with readers. If writing isn't for you, consider setting up an Internet business. What you decide to sell should be based on your interests. If you enjoy toy trains, why not start your own business. If you are fascinated by kites, or quilts, or fishing poles, you can start an online business. Consider selling to a niche market. Instead of starting a clothing store, maybe sell funky T-shirts or decorated tennis shoes.

Growing Business

A garden is not only an enhancement to your home, a food source for your family and a form of exercise, it can be a home-based business. You don't need a large farm or substantial greenhouse to begin a gardening-based business. Consider growing house plants or herbs. You can make terrariums from your plants or you can sell fresh or dried herbs. With a bit more planning, you can grow vegetables, even if you only have containers or a small greenhouse for growing. If you have a knack for growing plants, consider growing rare flowers such as orchids. If you do not want to sell your own plants and vegetables, check with people at the local produce market and you may find a steady stream to sell your plants and vegetables.