You want more customers for your bar, but you are not sure what do. Several methods to increase customer flow are not difficult to implement. Your bar must stand out from the competition to be the local watering hole. If you can make your bar stand out, you can draw more customers and increase your sales.


According to Bob Johnson of the Beverage Management Institute, "Effective word-of-mouth advertising is priceless." Encourage your customers to tell their friends about your bar and the good experience they have at your establishment. People listen to what their friends and family tell them about businesses and will follow that advice. Be proactive in your promotions. Use a mail campaign for customers in your bar and include drink specials in it. Help sponsor a community or charity event and ensure your bar's name is where potential customers can see it. Holidays, such as July 4th or the Super Bowl, are great times to have special promotions with that holiday as the theme.

Happy Hour

Use a late night happy hour to attract more customers. Late night happy hours are also known as reverse happy hours. You lower your drink prices to happy hour prices at peak business hours. This entices your customers to come by and brings in business. You will also gain a reputation for low drink prices to keep your customers. Use this technique on slow business nights, such as a Monday or Tuesday night to keep a steady customer flow.


Start a token program at your bar. Companies create tokens with your bar's name that they can redeem for drinks. You can buy the tokens for around 65 cents and sell them for $2 to $4. If the customer collects the token, you make extra profit. Change the design on the token several times a year, so frequent customers, who collect them, have a reason to buy them. The token also serves as a free advertisement for your bar.

Display and Presentation

How your product and bar is set up is important to attract customers. Quality drinks and atmosphere in your bar drives customers in. Keep your beer at the right temperature. Most Americans like ice cold beer, not lukewarm beer. Pour your beers in a proper manner, so the presentation to the customer is good. Do not have too much foam in your beer when you serve it. Advertise any new drinks to your bar with signage and offer a small free sample. This allows you to drive sales on your new product. Have impulse buys, such as a bucket of beer on ice, for people to make an instant decision to buy. Keep in mind that not every patron is a drinker. Offer several non-alcoholic beers to win their business and display these options.