Thrift store shopping allows you to buy resale merchandise for a fraction of its original cost. You can find highly collectible items on sale at an auction, or decorative items that add a touch of nostalgia to your surroundings. Some of the most popular thrift store items to search for are designer clothing, furniture, jewelry and antiques.

Designer Clothing

If you like designer-brand clothing but cannot afford to purchase pieces at retail, you can find many items for significantly less at a thrift store. Jeans are popular because designer pairs cost so much in retail stores. Finding a pair in good condition for less than half the original price is a steal. Also, designer coats and cashmere sweaters are other desired items. To locate the best deals you may have to browse through many racks of clothing, but your findings may be well worth it.


Many resale shops sale furniture. Some pieces are new and in above-average condition, others may need a little work. A 21st century trend is to buy an old piece such as a dining room table or hutch from periods such as the 50’s or 60’s, and refurbish it. This trend is mainly a result of some of the interior designing shows on television devoted to decorating with resale items. If modern is more your style, you may also find a newer sofa or coffee table, but these sell quickly, especially if in excellent condition.


Some people search for old jewelry at thrift stores, either to resell it for a profit or to add to a collection. Antique pieces are desired because of their potential worth. You may find a small brooch or pin that looks slightly worn and invaluable, but if it is a rare piece from an earlier period, it may have extreme value. Some resale jewelry is highly collectible and desirable, such as bracelets and necklaces made from Bakelite or Victorian-era cameo brooches.


From plates and silverware to jewelry and art, antique shopping at thrift stores is common. This is because people donate items every day, some which are extremely valuable. Signed items with markings from the original manufacturer or maker are most sought after. Some people also look for items with unknown origins that look dated. Rare, old pieces of furniture or art work may appear useless, but to a collector they can be priceless.