To start a spa business, purchase all of the necessary tools and supplies before opening the business, so customers can get the proper treatment from the first day. Make a list of your services to ensure you have all of the necessary tools to perform the services in a professional and proper manner.

Spa Furniture

A spa business can offer a number of different services, whether it is skin treatment, hair services, manicures and pedicures or face treatments. From your list of services, determine what type of spa furniture is needed to offer the services in question. For example, you will need chairs and manicure tables to do nails. You will also need pedicure chairs and water basins, along with haircutting chairs and mirrors, if offering hairstyling services. For each service, write a list of furniture and tools needed to offer each service, so you know what you need to get.


After you have made a list of services and treatments you want the spa to offer, check to see if you need any specific equipment to offer specific health and skin treatments for customers. To provide some of these treatments, you will have purchase the equipment necessary to perform these services. For example, micro-derma abrasion treatments and tanning services will require specific equipment that can be quite costly to implement in the spa business. Budget accordingly to have enough funds for this type of equipment.

Spa Products and Tools

Spa products and tools are needed to offer the professional services expected by customers. While the first two sections deals with the equipment and furniture, this section outlines the specific products you will need to have in your spa. For example, haircutting and styling services will require shampoo, conditioner and hair-styling products. For manicures and pedicures, you will need to purchase nail clippers, lotions and nail polish in numerous colors. You may have to do some research to find out what products are popular and often demanded by customers, so you have the products desired the most by visitors.

Office Supplies

Office supplies are needed to operate a spa business, as people will need to make appoints by either calling or emailing the spa. Basic office supplies include a computer and a printer for invoicing of products, a calendar to keep track of appointments, pens and paper, debit and credit machine for payments. Some spa businesses will also have a full cash register for those who choose to pay with cash, while others will simply have a small drawer and a calculator for cash purchases.