Starting a Home Craft Business

Many people are turning to home businesses to satisfy their passion for creative endeavors and crafts. Starting a home craft business is a small investment expenditure that involves designing and crafting items and packaging them to sell. Many artists and crafts people have found a suitable outlet in starting a home craft business usually by starting part time and eventually working into a full-time business.

Determine Your Craft

By knowing your specialty craft and carefully planning your home business around a special niche, you stand a better chance of succeeding in your business. Determine whether you plan to create one very specific type of craft or to expand to include other crafts. Some home craft businesses are very specific. For example, if you’re a basket weaver, you may want to also offer other types of complimentary weaving projects like wall décor. If you’re a candle maker, you may want to sell other wax products or candle accessories. If you’re a soap maker, you could offer other aromatherapy products.

Create a Business Plan

Even home businesses would do well to have a working business plan. This will keep you focused and moving forward month after month and year after year (see Resources to learn how to write a business plan). Keep in mind that a home craft business with a business plan is ahead of the game as many home businesses often skip this step.

Find Wholesale Craft Items

Your next step, as a home business owner, is to find a good source for craft supplies (see Resources). Going to Michael’s and JoAnn’s may have worked for creating crafts as a hobby, but as you’ve probably noticed, paying retail for the materials to create your crafts will rob you of profits.

Package Crafts for Optimum Sales

It’s important for a home craft business to consider the packaging of any and all created crafts. It’s a good idea to design a package that is attractive and makes your crafts stand out. Specialty boxes and gift bags, wrapping and other packing supplies can also be purchased wholesale. Try to make your package unique and attractive yet cost effective too. Consider creating a design and logo and have a special package made (or make it yourself) that reflects your business product well.

Decide How and Where to Sell Your Crafts

The obvious key to any successful home craft business is making money. Register with and sell your home crafts on that site (see Resources). If you have your own website, make sure you use search engine optimization (SEO) to get more traffic to your site. This can be done by writing key word-generated articles related to your craft business. These articles will rank high in search engines like Google and Yahoo because of the key words (visit to learn more about SEO writing). Join craft forums. Send out press releases. Get involved in social marketing like Twitter, WordPress, MySpace and Facebook. Also, consider participating in craft fairs in your local community, farmer’s markets and business expos. Find places that don’t charge much for a booth and begin participating. Join your local chamber of commerce and network with other businesses. Even businesses might be interested in your crafts as corporate gifts. The more you get your business name out, the better your chances of making big profits.