A Wilson-Jones binding machine attaches loose 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper documents into a book using a plastic comb bind. The Wilson-Jones binding machine serves two purposes: to cut small holes into the paper and bind the paper into a book document. Most binding machines have either a foot pedal, handle or both to place holes in the paper stack. Unlike the heavy-duty, staples, binder clips and other supplies, binding your loose paper documents into one will give a more professional look.

Things You Will Need
  • Binding machine

  • Plastic binding comb

  • Cardstock

  • Paper

Turn the machine on. Align the paper stack to the far left side of the binding machine. Firmly, push the paper to the back of the slot. Check that the paper stack is even and held firmly in place.

Press the foot pedal or handle to punch holes into the paper stack. Most binding machines have either a foot pedal or handle to place holes in the paper stack. Remove the paper from the slot. You will see a row of rectangular holes. Repeat this step for the cardstock and place it on the back and front of the paper stack.

Pick the binding comb size. The size is determined by the thickness of the paper stack. The size ranges from 1/8 up to five inches.

Put the comb, teeth up, on the prongs. Using the lever pull the comb apart. The lever may be a small switch on the right side of the teeth. The teeth hold the comb open while you place the rectangular holes into the comb.

Align the holes against the comb. Be sure each hole has a tooth to be inserted into. Replace the lever in its original position and lift the binded document from the slot.