How to Convert Corporate Express Labels to Avery

Many word processing programs, including Microsoft Word, use Avery label templates to create mailing labels. But these can be expensive and it is often cheaper to purchase generic labels instead. You can, for instance, buy store-brand labels from office supply outlets like Corporate Express. To use Corporate Express labels instead of the more costly Avery labels, you simply need to find the Avery equivalent part number listed on the Corporate Express label package.

Open your word processing or label creation software and determine what type of Avery labels the program calls for. You can typically find this information within the format menu.

Write down the part number of the Avery label listed in the software you are using. Take that part number with you when you shop for Corporate Express labels.


Look at the top corner of each pack of Corporate Express labels. Check the Avery equivalent part number listed there. Choose the Corporate Express label that is the equivalent of the Avery label you need.


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