To buy Mary Kay cosmetics at the 50 percent wholesale price, you need to use your consultant number, the unique combination of six letters and numbers that is assigned to you by the company. Mary Kay’s accounting system tracks your sales, prizes and special bonuses by your consultant number, so it is imperative that you keep it in a safe place or retrieve it if you have lost or forgotten it.

Starter Kit

Look for the pink box you received when you started your Mary Kay business. This box contains your starter kit.

Open the starter kit. Look for a large white and pink envelope and read its contents.

Look for a sheet of cardstock that contains a perforated punch card. The card will list your name and consultant number.

Call Corporate

Call the corporate office at (800) 627-9529. Tell the switchboard operator you lost your consultant number.

Give the operator your name, address and your recruiter’s name.

Write down the consultant number you are given and request a replacement card.

Check Your Email

Check your inbox for your corporate welcome email.

Look at the top of the email, just below your name. Your consultant number should be there.

Print the email and keep a copy for your records.


Your recruiter should also be able to tell you your consultant number.