How to Load Swingline Electronic Staplers

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Like many pieces of office equipment, staplers are something we use every day without thinking too much about how they work. Models such as the Swingline stapler can hold hundreds of staples and rarely need to be reloaded. Then one day -- usually just when you need to use it most urgently -- the machine runs out of staples and that's when you realize you don't know how to refill it. And, of course, by then the instructions are usually long gone. Thankfully, refilling your Swingline stapler is a simple task that can be accomplished in a few minutes.

Pull the top of the Swingline stapler open from front to back until the spring-loader is touching the back end of the track.

Holding the stapler open with one hand, add staples, pins facing downwards, until they fill the track.

Replace the top, ensuring that the spring-loader is now pushing on the staples that you just loaded.

Staple once to test if the staples are loaded correctly.


  • Unless your Swingline stapler is heavy-duty or miniature-sized, it will use regular or standard-sized staples that can easily be found at any office supply or stationary store.


  • Be careful not to hold your finger underneath the punch when closing the lid of the stapler.