How to Get USPS Priority Tape

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The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) offers different mailing options based on your needs. Standard mail uses stamps, while Priority Mail uses specialized packaging and is at a higher rate. Priority Mail ships packages and letters within two to three business days. To use Priority Mail, shippers must order special packaging from the USPS or use Priority Mail tape on their packages. There are two ways to get Priority Mail tape: online or in person.

In Person

Find the post office nearest to your home. Visit and click on “Locate a Post Office."

Enter your address, city and zip code for better results. Use the resulting addresses to get to the closest post office.

Visit the shipping supply counter or booth within your post office. Look for Priority Mail tape, which is white with red stripes and a blue Postal Service logo and comes in a roll. Make sure the tape reads “Priority Mail.” Priority Mail tape is free, so you do not need to pay. If your post office does not have a supply counter or booth, ask the clerk behind the shipping counter for a roll of Priority Mail tape.


Visit and click on “Buy Stamps and Shop.”

Click on “For Mailing and Shipping.” Scroll down and click on "Priority Mail." Search for Priority Mail tape or stickers on the Priority Mail page. Click the “Order” button on the width and size of tape roll you need.

Select “Checkout” at the shopping cart screen directed to go to an account login screen.

Log in to the system using an existing USPS online account, or create a new account by selecting “Sign Up” in the new users section. Complete the form for an online account.

Confirm your order and click on “Place Order.” Make sure you receive a confirmation of your order, then wait for your supplies to arrive in the mail.



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