FedEx is a mail courier with many affiliate locations that serve the U.S. and international cities around the world. FedEx offers a dealer program for small businesses that specialize in packing materials and shipping needs; your store does not need to only operate as a FedEx location. Complete the dealer application online to start the FedEx independent dealer process.

Read through the FedEx Authorized Ship Center, or FASC, packet. The packet explains the basic requirements and benefits of FedEx stores. To open a FedEx store, you must first own and operate a business with an internet connection, an area to accept packages, a scale to weigh packages up to 100 lb, normal business hours and professionals experienced with packing and shipping. Without these requirements, you cannot apply to start a FedEx store. The packet also contains information about the company's pricing program, dealer incentives, marketing materials and dealer network support. The FedEx website will not let you advance to the "Qualification" stage if you do not click and read every link in the "About the FASC Program" section.

Click the "Qualification" button to the left of the FASC Network page after you completely read about the FASC program. You need a FedEx account number to complete the qualification screening. If you do not have an account number, contact FedEx by phone to set up an account. Proceed through the qualification pages and answer all of the questions honestly. FedEx wants to know if you are opening a new store or an existing store and specifics about your location, revenue and business type. During the qualification process you will also create a user ID and password. Once you complete the qualification section, you can move on to the actual application.

Click the "Application" button to the left of the FASC Network page. During the application process, provide your personal contact information, your employer tax identification number, the address of your business, requested financial information, the names of any partners or shareholders in your company, your criminal history and any other information requested by FedEx. Click "Submit" once you finish the application and wait for a FedEx FASC representative to contact you regarding your application status.

Order advertising materials, store banners and FedEx brand shipping materials from FedEx using the login and password you made during the application process. You cannot make your own FedEx ad materials or signs. After paying for your items, FedEx will ship the materials to your business on file. Place FedEx signage in visible spots inside and outside of your store.

Place packages in a pick-up spot within your store after customers pay for them. FedEx trucks make daily pick-ups for packages. Depending on your business agreement with FedEx, a percentage of your FedEx shipping income may go back to FedEx.