FedEx Save provides multiple options for small businesses to save money on U.S. and international shipping by discounting shipping rates. For most programs, you’ll need a FedEx account number a FedEx Ship Manager membership. If you don’t already have a FedEx account, contact customer service at 1-700-700-339 to get an account number. Then, create a free FedEx Ship Manager account at

Save Now Program

According to FedEx, the Save Now program is especially useful for small businesses. To qualify, your account must be in good standing and you must accept the terms and conditions. Once accepted, you’ll save up to 16 percent off the list price on express services, 8 percent on ground and home delivery services, and 60 percent on freight services identified in section two of the program agreement.

More Savings Program

Businesses that ship frequently can benefit from the FedEx More Savings Program, as the more you ship the more you save. During a nine-week introductory period, you receive 22 percent off the list price on express services, and 9 percent off ground and home delivery services identified in the program agreement. When the introductory period ends, you can receive up to 32 percent off on express services and up to 11 percent on ground and home delivery services, depending on how often you ship.

FedEx Advantage

FedEx partners with organizations such as the Promotional Products Association International, eBay, The Associated General Contractors of America and the U.S. of Commerce, to provide a variety of shipping discounts. Check with trade organizations and companies you do business with or organizations to which your business belongs to see whether the FedEx Advantage program is available to you.