How to Find Out If UPS Delivers to Your Address

UPS delivers to more than 200 countries around the world, so the chances that the company will deliver to your home are in your favor. The most common reasons why the company would not deliver directly to your home address are if you live in an apartment building with a secured entry, or if your home is in a remote location. If the company does not deliver directly to your home, you can always pick your package up at the UPS location nearest to you.

Go to "" Click on "Exporting," and then "Can UPS deliver my shipment to its destination?"

Enter the type of package that you plan to receive, the address it will be coming from, your address, the date the package will be shipped, and the weight of the package.


Click "Next." You will see what types of UPS services are available for delivery to your home.


If the company does not deliver to your home, pick up the package at the UPS location nearest to you.




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